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Power of F8 | Ferrari F8 in [4K]
03:06 / 32623 views / 508 likes / 0 dislikes / 04.06.2021 / Channel: UCEug4B0ry-GoHUDj2m2hRFQ

F8 moves us all.
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Song Used: Ftureable - VAST w/ Sane & Helix

Notes to self:
So I took the time in this video before and after filming to really dial in the settings on my camera for shooting film.
After messing with the colors on each of the clips, I realized just how crucial proper exposure was to filming in such a flat profile like sLog. Theres some clips in here that if I had exposed better, would have made for a much nicer and cleaner shot.
I also decided to try and add some atmosphere by mixing in various audio effects that were used in the intro. I think it really helped set the scene for the video.
Going forward I am going to keep fine tuning the camera and setup some additional configs on my ninja so I can keep better track of my exposure levels for each shot.
Eitherway I am really happy with the outcome of the video, If I had just an extra hour of time I probably could've gotten some more shots and more rollers but, traffic was high, and we were on a time crunch.

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