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Sea Kayaking | The one thing that completely transformed my skills overnight
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Sea Kayaking | The one thing that completely transformed my skills overnight

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In this video I want to show you, what is by far the most important secret in sea kayaking. It’s the key to quickly developing the skills to be a confident kayaker with peace of mind, in all kinds of conditions.

I can almost guarantee you it’s not something you have heard before.
And there is even a good chance that you already learned something which directly contradicts what you are about to discover.

Yet I have seen this one thing transform even experienced kayakers with instructor level certifications. And I have seen beginners learn this, and in a few months or less, they are more agile in their kayaks than most paddlers with 15 years of experience.

I know it sounds a bit much. But I can’t water this one down. I see it making that big of a difference.
Before I start you should be aware of this.

If you need to believe that the kayak certification programs have all the answers, and the Inuit who invented the kayak and evolved it over thousands of years, couldn’t possibly have any wisdom to share, this video is not for you.

If you need to see nature as a hostile place that is out to get you, this is not for you either. You may even find this video painful to watch.

I’m Paulo from Dancing with the sea. And I give sea kayakers the skills they need to feel right at home on the water.

But not the way you might think.

People ask me why is it that I only teach kayaking with the Greenland paddle. It’s hard to explain in a few words. But after watching this video until the end, I think you will understand why.

Kayakers come to me thinking their skills need a bit more fine tuning. When often this issue is much simpler and easier to fix.

Often they want to use the kayak to explore beautiful places.
Maybe their low brace doesn’t feel quick and strong enough, and they want to feel less anxious when the waves come up.

Or sometimes they are struggling to keep up with their friends, and they are looking for more fitness because, they don’t have the strength to us force.

If you are using the sea kayak as a way to enjoy your time in nature, this will likely be the most important kayak video you ever watch.

By the way if you are really serious about developing your sea kayak skills and you like what we are talking about and you want to go deeper, you might want to get the free lesson I made for you on how to outfit your kayak for agility. I think you will enjoy it. You can get it by cliking the link in the description.

About 20 years ago I started using the Greenland Paddle. I knew nothing about how to use it, but I loved how smooth and quiet it was.

One day there’s about 6 of us on a paddle. The waves were a bit bigger than what I was used to. I was still a beginner. Of Course I’m the only one with a Greenland paddle. And i’m feeling some pressure to prove it’s worth because at that time, people didn’t think much of it. They thought people just use it to be different.
While watching carefully to find that subtle difference that would help me succeed, I had this realization.
When you are wearing something it doesn’t hinder your range of motion, unless it’s a cheap suit.
And it moves with you. You don’t have to worry about a good fitting pair of pants falling off when you start walking.
It allows her to do what she loves, when previously she thought her body just could not handle kayaking.
For bracing, you don’t have to react with a quick enough smack on the water to stop a capsize.
I was paddling with a fairly inexperienced paddler one time when the waves were starting to build up. We were broadside to the waves and it was obvious he was getting more and more tense.
If you would like to get started with with wearing your kayak, I created a free online mini course to help you adjust the fit of your kayak to make it work. just click on the link in the description and sign up for the free video course.

Thanks you for watching this video until the end, if you found some value in it please share it with your friends.

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