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Easy Graphene Made in Bulk - Electrochemical Exfoliation
08:20 / 603389 views / 14821 likes / 0 dislikes / 12.06.2017 / Channel: TheChemlife

2 of the most exciting carbon based materials currently being investigated by researchers are carbon nanotubes, and graphene. Adding small amounts of these to other materials can radically change the materials properties. From making highly conductive inks, to super strong materials, and even to computers, it seems the whole scientific world is trying to use these materials in one way or another. But how can they be manufactured? Of the two graphene is far easier to make as it can be harvested from naturally occurring materials. In this video we explore the easier way to make it in bulk and use a simple electrochemical method to shear the microscope layers of natural graphite apart into individual graphene sheets.

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