Speedflying 2018 (Austria and Italy)
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Speedflying 2018 (Austria and Italy)
07:53 / 16810 views / 167 likes / 2 dislikes / 09.10.2018 / Channel: UCXRJC6K_2pldUQhwHs4rf8A

A compilation of my favourite speedflying moments of 2018.
Flying and learning with friends :))

Music. Go (Victor Ruiz remix)

Pilots. Harry Sparling, Justin Diesenroth, Steve Ventura, Joseph Innes, Jamie Lee, Louis Trerise, Tamir Extreme, and the Italian crew at Garda :))

Spots. Montafon, Innsbruck, Kronplatz, Lake Grada/Monte Baldo.

Gliders. Fazer 12 and Mirage 9.5

All filmed by me with GoPro and iPhone.

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