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burn PRESENTS: We Ride - The Story of Snowboarding (Full Movie)
01:32:20 / 2924418 views / 15641 likes / 0 dislikes / 28.02.2013 / Channel: burn

A compelling, dramatic and stylish cinematic journey into snowboarding's unique history and the wider cultural forces that shaped it.

Featuring interviews and archival footage with Todd Richards, Gigi Rüf, Terje Haakonsen, Jake Burton, Tom Sims, Stale Sandbech and Craig Kelly.

We Ride is A burn Production, filmed and edited by Grain Media.

Directed by Orlando von Einsiedel and Jon Drever.

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Music credits:

"Ball of Confusion" - The Temptations
"Coz I Love You" - Slade
"Feel Me Flow" - Naughty By Nature
"Living In Darkness" - Agent Orange
"Wilderness" - by Phillip Guyler
"Myrtle Park" - Barrie Gledden & Andrew Peacock
"Social Network" - Tim Reilly & Jeff Dale
"Riding The Wave" - Christian Marsac
"Water Circles" - Barrie Gledden / Kes Loy / Tim Reilly
"Shine On" - Terry Devine King / Lincoln Grounds
"Star Bright" - Bruce Maginnis

With original music composed by Patrick Jonsson.

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