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Record breaking space jump - free fall faster than speed of sound - Red Bull Stratos.
Duration: 503 / 16175867 views / 249131 likes / 8897 dislikes / 08.01.2018 / Channel: UCBuDzfvztEJvNll_w1E9xFw

Watch the record breaking space jump from 24.2 miles(38.9 km) above the surface of earth by 'Felix Baumgartner'.

The video features the recording from the on-board camera, giving a true and absolute experience of the jump.

It also features a free fall which breaks the sound barrier (speed of sound) at 846 miles/hr or 1361.5 km/hr without the use of any heavy machinery.

Worth watching.
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Copyright owned by Red Bull and GoPro.
All credit goes to Red Bull Stratos.

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