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Table Saw Crosscut Sled | How-to
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How to make a small table saw sled with built in t-track, toggle clamps, and stop block. A simple crosscut sled can be used to make accurate 90 degree cuts on the table saw and allow you cut small pieces safely.

I made the runners from UHMW plastic (low friction) since they are less likely to warp or twist. The track is 1/4" mini t-track from shop fox, and the flip stop is from peachtree woodworking. My favorite features are the Bessey auto-adjust horizontal toggle clamps. They were a bit pricey, but they are well built and easy to use. I modified them to slide onto the track with more UHMW plastic and brass threaded inserts for 1/4" bolts.

My finished sled was precise to .02" inches over 4ft (using the 5 cut table saw sled test for accuracy). If I want, I can easily shim the back fence and probably cut that in half. The size ended up being 24" wide and 15" tall/deep.

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