How To Re-Enter A Kayak In Deep Water [Standard & Trick Method]
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How To Re-Enter A Kayak In Deep Water [Standard & Trick Method]
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This video shows helpful tips on how to get back in a kayak after it has flipped in water that is too deep to touch the bottom.

Re-entering back into a kayak while in the water isn't too difficult as long as you follow the three simple steps that are described in this video.

But on the other hand, if you panic and try to get back in the kayak too quickly, re-entering your kayak can be incredibly tough and frustrating.

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Regarding the three steps outlined in this kayak video above, always be sure to not do them too quickly because that can cause you to lose balance and fall back into the water (huge waste of energy).

And if you are having trouble getting back into your kayak, then be sure to watch the end when a common item like a sandwich cooler is used help get back into a kayak more easily.

This cooler trick was a simple experiment I thought of while thinking of ways to make it easier, and it worked out way better than planned.

Please note that we ALWAYS recommend wearing a life jacket / personal flotation device while kayaking, and the only reason we didn't have one on during this kayak video is to show a worst case scenario.

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