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20 MUST KNOW Drum Fills For Beginner Drummers | Drum Beats Online
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MY CYMBALS (In studio)
15" Dual Hats: http://bit.ly/2mIBzwi
18" Dual Crash: http://bit.ly/2m0gxJq
21" Transition Ride: http://bit.ly/2mvMDgw
20" Extra Thin Hammered Crash: http://bit.ly/2ocHUkb
DBO Stack 1: (Fat stack bottom) http://bit.ly/2nAv9PS
With this on top:http://bit.ly/2ocLHxV
DBO Stack 2: (Bottom) http://bit.ly/2lX1hNr
With this on top: http://bit.ly/2nunBhM

CYMBALS (Live w/ I Prevail)
15" Pure Alloy Hats: http://bit.ly/2nuz1C8
19" Medium Thin Crash: http://bit.ly/2mwtKtR
21" Polyphonic Ride: http://bit.ly/2nwwG9N
20" Medium Crash: http://bit.ly/2mth2Mp
Stack: (Fat stack bottom) http://bit.ly/2nAv9PS
With this on top:http://bit.ly/2ocLHxV
China: http://bit.ly/2mGxVmO

Snare: http://bit.ly/2nuoVBg
Toms: http://bit.ly/2nuoVBg
Kick: http://bit.ly/2nrZBMd
Overheads: http://bit.ly/2mHgBOp

Snare: https://www.offbeatdrumco.com/shop
Drums: Ayotte Orange Sparkle Kit (Not sold anymore)
Double Kick Pedal: http://bit.ly/2nwwYNU
Hi Hat Stand: http://bit.ly/2mHmQ4L

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Drum Beats Online is a website where drummers learn to improve their skill, creativity, and confidence through online drum lessons. The way I do this is through DBO Academy. Where drummers are put on a success path of transformation that takes them from beginner - to a master drummer. All in a community of positivity, support, and inspiration! If you want to reach your full potential on the drum set, I would HIGHLY recommend joining DBO Academy!

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