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Climbing the epic Am Buachaille sea stack
10:37 / 137631 views / 1563 likes / 78 dislikes / 06.07.2020 / Channel: teamBMC

Am Buachaille, aka The Shepherd, is one of the classic "Big 3" sea stacks located in the far north west of Scotland along with the Old Men of Stoer and Hoy. With it's four-mile walk-in from Blairmore, followed by a tricksome descent and approach, culminating with a "character building" swim across a 15 metre channel of water exposed only at low tide, this Old Man is considered to be the most remote and serious of them all. No walking to the base or setting up a tyrolean traverse on this Torridonian sandstone 50 metre high behemoth...

Filmmaker David Linnett explains: "It was a memorable day spent with Pembroke activists and fellow sea-stack baggers Henry Castle and Paul Donnithorne. We clambered up the excellent 3* VS called Landward Face route in perfect weather on one of the best adventure routes in the UK, before collapsing on the beautiful Sandwood Bay beach. The entertainment was duly recorded and featuring the beautiful walk-in, approach and swim, sandstone sea stack shenanigans, fearsome fulmers, eye-popping exposure plus some aerial drone footage this is the story of a memorable day out by the seaside!"

Discover more of David's fantastic films at https://www.ytapi.com/u/chdslDave/videos

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