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Why I like the Hero Session
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Hero Session: http://amzn.to/1RWJI1W

Lately I’ve been trying to streamline my camera gear. Although it’s nice to get a bunch of angles and make everything look cinematic, sometimes it’s more important to be nimble. This is the reason I decided to buy the GoPro Hero 4 Session. Today, we’ll surgically recess this Hero Session into my forehead. I’m tracing the shape of the session for a precise cut. Well, not exactly.

The real plan is to hide it under my helmet visor. If you have a GoPro or almost any action camera for that matter, you probably have some of these little mounts. Back when I used to work on cars for a living, we had a trick to make 3M tape stick better. Heat it up. You can carefully apply heat with a hair dryer or even a lighter. When it’s tacky and bubbling, mount it to a clean surface and hold it there until it cools. Good luck removing it.

Using this method, I mounted my Session to the underside of this visor. The camera is so light that I barely even notice it’s there. I can just have this with me all the time and never miss a shot again.

Like GoPro’s other cameras, the Session has Quick Capture, which means that pushing the record button activates the camera from an off state. Another push of the button stops the recording and turns the camera off. By only recording what I need, I’ve been able to stretch the battery well beyond a full day of shooting. The video quality is pretty good and surprisingly stable.

So I’m pretty happy with my purchase, and loving the camera, but I did notice something pretty surprising…

My Hero Black fits in the same exact spot on this helmet, maybe even better. I weighed these cameras and was surprised to find that they’re identical. I started second guessing myself, and weighed them again with the helmet, only to obtain the same result. So did I waste my money? If it’s not smaller or lighter, what am I gaining?

Well for one it’s cheaper. When this camera first hit the shelves it was $400, which is just absurd. Now that it’s only $200, it’s actually one of the most affordable GoPro cameras available. It’s not as powerful as the Silver or the Black, but it still does shoot at 60 frames per second, and has Superview mode for nice first person shots.

Another great thing about the Session is that it’s water resistant. While water resistance isn’t usually important to me, it’s nice to know that my equipment will survive the mud or the rain. The Hero Black requires this water resistant housing, which makes it crazy heavy, and super dorky looking. The Session is black on all sides, and blends in with my equipment. Since I do a lot of third person shooting, a big old GoPro sticking off the top of my head would sort of ruin the shot.

The session also has this smooth glass across the front which allows you to just wipe it off with your shirt.

Over the weekend, I used my Session and a headstrap to go out into the cruise port as the ships were leaving. You see that dot right there? That’s me. As the ships pass the water gets sucked out of the channel. I was in up to my neck before. As soon as the ship exits the channel, the water comes rushing back in, which is freakin awesome. I’m getting a terrible idea for bike video right now, but we’ll just have to wait and see how that pans out. In any case, it was really cool to be able to capture this moment with a camera so small and light.

By always having this indestructible little cube on me, I’m hoping to get a lot more shots that I would have otherwise missed. I’m liking the Hero Session.

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