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The very basics of longboarding ! [ Longboard talk EP1 ]
Duration: 362 / 98072 views / 5088 likes / 38 dislikes / 04.10.2018 / Channel: Lotfiwoodwalker

Longboard talk is a fun video serie through which I will be sharing with you my experience in longboarding in general and longboard dancing in particular, to help you learn the basics and evolve your freestyle/dancing skills.

In this first episode, you’ll learn how to position yourself on the board, the posture that you will need to have in order to keep balance while cruising and how to brake !

▫️ Board : 119cm Loaded boards Tarab. Flex 1.
▫️ Wheels : 65mm / 80a Orangatang Fat free.
▫️ Trucks : 180mm / 50° forged Paris trucks Savants.
▫️ Bushings : Orangatang soft nipples bushings.

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Intro : Flip the switch by @le_prince_miiaou
Dreams - Joakim Karud

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