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Fall Coffee Shop Bookstore Ambience with Relaxing Jazz Music & Rain Sounds
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Enjoy this cozy fall coffee shop bookstore ambience with relaxing rain sounds and jazz music for studying, relaxation, and sleep. It's a rainy autumn night and you’re at your favorite bookstore. Watch falling leaves and listen to the soothing sounds of heavy rain, smooth jazz, and ambient coffee shop noise including soft conversation and gentle clinks of dishes. This dimly lit late night cafe ASMR ambience is perfect for improved focus for work, reading, or studying, or to help with relaxation, meditation, and sleeping. This relaxation video is 8 hours long to allow for uninterrupted studying or a full night of sleep.

1. Pumpkin Truck
2. Five Owls
3. Nine Decorative Pumpkins
4. Autumn Bookmark
5. 2 Book Bags
6. “CBN”
7. Dracula
8. Frankenstein
9. Goosebumps
10. Three Blue Umbrellas
11. “Have a good day.”

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