A Tribute to Avicii on his Birthday (Forever) - Snoowo
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A Tribute to Avicii on his Birthday (Forever) - Snoowo
10:00 / 485984 views / 3628 likes / 66 dislikes / 07.09.2019 / Channel: UC4OFPyFJIlXXBONbYGc74pw

Avicii spent a great life for the music he made. He already said in his song, He would me remembered for the life he lived not the money he made. Avicii aka Tim Bergling, was born on 8 September and today in his memories, I have uploaded a small tribute video for him! 😍😍 RIP Avicii

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Mashup Credits : Snoowo x ZedN
Video Credits : Grammis, Avicii - True Stories & Snoowo

Happy Birthday Avicii! 🤗

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