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Ferrari SF90 Stradale (2020) The most powerful Ferrari ever
01:55 / 2192295 views / 17471 likes / 984 dislikes / 29.05.2019 / Channel: YouCarPress

Ferrari introduces its first series production plug-in hybrid supercar, the SF90 Stradale.

The Ferrari SF90 Stradale has a 90° V8 turbo engine capable of delivering 780 horsepower, the highest power output of any 8-cylinder in Ferrari history. The remaining 220 hp is delivered by three electric motors, one at the rear, known as the MGUK (Motor Generator Unit, Kinetic) due to its  derivation from the Formula 1 application, located between the engine and the new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission on the rear axle, and two on the front axle.

The SF90 Stradale is also the first Ferrari sports car to be equipped with 4WD, a step necessary to allow the incredible power unleashed by the hybrid powertrain to be fully exploited, ensuring the car has become the new benchmark for standing starts: 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in 2.5 sec and 0-200km/h (124mph) in just 6.7 seconds. Maximum speed: 340 km/h (211 mph).

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