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Lamborghini Urus Factory - Assembly Line - Production Process (Super Cars Mega Factories)
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Lamborghini Urus Inside the Factory, Lamborghini Assembly manufacturing process, Lamborghini Urus Factory, Making of Lamborghini Urus - Lamborghini plant

Lamborghini Urus Factory - Assembly Line - Production Process (Super Cars Mega Factories)
The all-new, carbon-neutral facility opened in early 2018 after a year and a half of construction. It is located in Sant'Agata Bolognese, the same town the brand has inhabited since its first model, the 350GT. The facility doubles the company's total footprint to 160,000 square meters of the former farmland Ferruccio Lamborghini bought in 1963 to build cars that could compete with Ferrari. The operation includes a new paint shop and a track with 13 surfaces oriented toward testing the Urus for different road and weather conditions.

The Urus factory illustrates a new model of manufacturing for Lamborghini, which Ranieri Niccoli, Lamborghini’s chief manufacturing officer, called “Manifattura Lamborghini.” The model was developed to provide flexibility in production schedules, allowing workers such as those above to adjust the timing of their schedule installing chassis and transmissions. It also allows improved access to information in the factory line, allowing workers to determine the progress of a vehicle along every stop of assembly.

Of the 1,800 workers employed at Lamborghini headquarters northeast of Bologna, 700 of them work on the Urus line. Shifts run twice a day, five days a week, with two or three workers at each assembly station.

For many years Lamborghini produced fewer than 3,900 cars globally. With Urus garnering significant global attention, they expect to reach 8,000 this year.

Lamborghini's second factory includes the new paint shop, which was created as part of expansion plans to meet the production of the Ursus. It was a massive undertaking for the company that had only one factory for the longest time and grew from 80,000 sqm to 160,000 sqm. Not only did the space grow, but Lamborghini has also hired over 200 employees as part of the expert paint team.

A completed Lamborghini Urus ready for delivery. Lamborghini has, which allows customers to pick up their cars directly at the factory. Lamborghini SUV
Lamborghini Urus Factory, Assembly line, Production process, Super cars mega factories.

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