GoPro Hero 9 Black Review: 19 Things To Know!
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GoPro Hero 9 Black Review: 19 Things To Know!
14:42 / 594283 views / 21479 likes / 311 dislikes / 16.09.2020 / Channel: dcrainmakerblog

GoPro Hero 9: (link helps support the channel, thanks!!!)

Here's your complete in-depth review of the GoPro Hero 9 action cam, which includes a pile of new features like 5K 30FPS support, 30% better battery life, a front facing screen, TimeWarp 3.0, HyperBoost 3.0, and plenty more. I dig into all the nuances with tons of details and real data to support the tests. Here's a full inventory of the 19 new features I dig into:

0:00 Intro
0:41 Front Facing Color Screen
1:50 5K Resolution
2:56 23.6MP Photo mode
3:42 Battery Life Tests
4:09 Cold weather performance
5:12 Removable Front Lens
5:50 Rear Screen Size Increased
6:00 HyperSmooth 3.0 Tests
6:55 Horizon Auto-Leveling
7:34 TimeWarp with RealTime
8:29 Webam Mode
9:01 Expanded Livestream Platforms
9:37 Hindsight Mode
10:20 Scheduled Capture
11:00 Duration Capture
11:19 GoPro Max SV Mod
11:45 Horizon Lock
12:12 New Mic water Drain
12:55 Unboxing Bits
13:33 Wrap-up

Written review coming up shortly!

Note: None of this is sponsored by GoPro, and I don't keep the camera they sent me. It's simply a media loaner unit (well, two units), which will go back shortly to them and I'll go out and buy my own through normal retail channels. If you use the Amazon link up above to buy anything on Amazon, it helps support the channel (even if that's a DJI OSMO Action instead).


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