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Pocket hole jigs, radical design change!
08:04 / 1491151 views / 16100 likes / 0 dislikes / 08.08.2015 / Channel: rusticman1973

Cutting pocket holes in large panels can be cumber some when you have to take the panel to the machine so i decided to invent a machine that was compact and light enough to take to the panel. To make it a fast procedure it needed to have one fluid motion and complicated clamping, just cut the hole and move on. Also wanted to use it as a stationary device as well for cutting pocket holes in rails and styles, again just one simple fluid motion no clamping and grabbing a drill just one simple motion and move on. This is version one of this machine. I am working on another that is completely adjustable and even easier to use. that video will be up soon..

Pocket Hole Jig Plans -

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