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I Hired A Random Guy to Remix Beethoven's 5th Symphony
17:48 / 2893679 views / 101382 likes / 0 dislikes / 19.10.2021 / Channel: musicalbasics

FULL VERSION HERE of WileyWest ($300 seller): https://www.ytapi.com/w/ty3NhDZNJ8c

I will be performing my biggest concert ever at Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Click here to learn more: https://www.kennedy-center.org/whats-on/explore-by-genre/classical-music/2021-2022/musicalbasics/

I hired 10 ridiculously talented producers from Fiverr: https://fvrr.co/2YYVgms
Playlist for the full versions of each producer's track: https://bit.ly/3pe7qTt

Sheet Music to the Piano Part: https://bit.ly/3aTSWQq
Listen on Spotify: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/musicalbasics/5th-symphony-nightmare-2

Check out my other EDM piano arrangements here: https://www.ytapi.com/pl/PLHz39w9gANGYW5XXDiOEbHC0OjuiXIXij

AI Performance created with Concert AI: https://www.concertcreator.ai/?via=musicalbasics

DISCORD ►► https://discord.gg/musicalbasics
INSTAGRAM ►► https://instagram.com/musicalbasics

Check out the individual seller's Fiverr pages:
wileywest: https://fvrr.co/3DZ8BdC
nicolaschazarre: https://fvrr.co/3Ge7MzM
philippkraetzer: https://fvrr.co/3DVErbh
jmpaudiodesign: https://fvrr.co/3lXx6Sj
faraji2000: https://fvrr.co/3pksXKg
pieterpym: https://fvrr.co/2Z7Yrsc
alisehir: https://fvrr.co/2Z9PHC9
yunusdurali: https://fvrr.co/3pkySio
linggalazuardi: https://fvrr.co/3jeCmPR
pesanmusik: https://fvrr.co/2XsAlI0


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