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First Wash in 91 Years: Ford Model A Found in Woods and Start Up!
24:43 / 1433445 views / 31321 likes / 0 dislikes / 14.11.2021 / Channel: AMMONYCdotcom

This is a 1929 Ford Model A that was turned into a Doodlebug Tractor. It was left in the woods over 8 years ago to rust in Connecticut. We found it in the woods behind a barn and pulled it out of the trees, bushes, prickers, and vines that had been growing on it over the years. Ted, the owner, pulled the spark plugs and fixed the transmission, and the 91 year old Ford started right up. Once out of the woods, he performed a quick tune-up and brought it to the AMMO Studio for a full detail and first wash in 91 years! This is one of my favorite restoration or "disaster" detailing videos I've ever cleaned. Such a privilege to preserve a piece of automotive history. Hope you enjoy the story. For a full list of products visit www.ammonyc.com. Thx for watching! -L

00:00 - Introduction
00:55 - Workshop
03:40 - Master Mechanic Ted
07:35 - Cranking Engine
09:25 - Larry Drives Doodlebug
10:40 - Extra Maintenance
13:40 - Tractor Built To Last
16:05 - Tractor Wash and Scrub
19:30 - Fluid Film Application
21:33 - Preservation Recap

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