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Fishing Kayak surf lesson with Adam and Jasmine
Duration: 336 / 22048 views / 351 likes / 2 dislikes / 10.07.2018 / Channel: paddleguyjas

Keen to explore more offshore kayak fishing options Adam & Jasmine joined me for some surf basics at Noosa main beach. In this lesson I am helping Adam & Jasmine with confidence in launching and landing in the surf.

We cover the Brace, forward strokes into on coming waves, picking which waves to ride and which to come in sideways in the broach & low brace technique.

After only a couple of hours you will see that these guys grow in confidence with each run, we have a few spills and a lot of fun. More of this kind of practice helps not only with the skills but the paddle fitness and there’s nothing like that feeling of riding a great wave in – best Adrenalin rush and its free thanks to mother nature.

Kayaks - Jasmine and I are in the Viking kayaks Espri, with Adam using his Viking Profish 400

Video - Footage captured on GoPro 6 mounted to the Railblaza Pro series camera Boom and the Action hat

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