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1,000 Miles Across Alaska! 1975 Honda CT90 vs. 2021 Trail 125 | CTXP
48:23 / 2465616 views / 71551 likes / 0 dislikes / 20.11.2021 / Channel: RevZillaTV

Read More on Common Tread: https://bit.ly/3cxeeUE

North, to the future! In this episode of CTXP Ari and Zack take off across the Last Frontier to see just how far north they can get on tiny motorcycles. Yes, we know, c90adventures already did this and did it better. You might say the boys were so inspired that they wanted to have their own CT90 story to tell. Buckle up for a coast-to-coast Alaskan adventure and a journey beyond the end of the Dalton Highway, to the northernmost town in the United States.

Zack’s gear:
Bell Mag-9 helmet: https://rvz.la/3lNBmU6
REV'IT! Offtrack Jacket: https://rvz.la/3rOJkQK
REAX Cyclone WP Gloves: https://rvz.la/3EE0WlS
Klim Switchback Cargo Pants: https://rvz.la/3Gqmnap
REV'IT! Pioneer H2O Boots: https://rvz.la/3y68BXJ
REV'IT! Nitric 2 H2O Rain Jacket: https://rvz.la/3Gv44RF
REV'IT! Acid H2O Rain Pants: https://rvz.la/3lNBoLI

Ari’s gear
Bell Mag-9 helmet: https://rvz.la/3lNBmU6
Merlin Shenstone Air D3O Jacket: https://rvz.la/3GshkXe
REV'IT! Dune Gloves: https://rvz.la/3pxS6zy
Spidi J-Tracker Jeans: https://rvz.la/3dyD1IC
TCX X-Blend WP Boots: https://rvz.la/3lPHStp
Kriega Hydro 3 Hydration Backpack: https://rvz.la/3DAlqe0
REAX Traveler Rain Jacket: https://rvz.la/33h9kdn
REAX Traveler Rain Pants: https://rvz.la/3EE5Krs

Bike gear
Kriega US20 Drypack: https://rvz.la/3DDm3DA
Sedici 20L Dry Bag Saddlebags: https://rvz.la/3oBBE21
RotopaX Gasoline Pack: https://rvz.la/31IGRwl
Velomacchi Tool Roll: https://rvz.la/3rLW2iW
Alps Mountaineering Dry Sack Compression Bag: https://rvz.la/308o6Sr

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