Augmented Reality: What Do People Want?
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Augmented Reality: What Do People Want?
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This is a recording of the following virtual roundtable:

Augmented Reality: What Do People Want?
August 4th, 2020, 2pm PDT

Roundtable speakers:
Patrick Costello, Sr. Director, Business Development, Qualcomm
Stefano Corazza, Head of Augmented Reality, VP & Fellow, Adobe
Steve Sinclair, SVP Product & Marketing, Mojo Vision
Nonny de la Peña, CEO & Founder of Emblematic Group
Raffaella Camera, Managing Director & Global Head of Innovation & Strategy, XR, Accenture Interactive
Matt Miesnieks, Advisor, Niantic
Tank Thunderbird, Augmented Reality Software Engineer, Meshicon Software
Brian Roemmele, Voice First Expert & President, Multiplex

Moderator: Irena Cronin, CEO, Infinite Retina

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