Spearfishing with Sharks (Tigers, White Pointers, Bullsharks) | ADRENO
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Spearfishing with Sharks (Tigers, White Pointers, Bullsharks) | ADRENO
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Spearfishing with sharks. They are both dangerous and infuriating, but indisputably fascinating to be with in the water. Adreno's Trevor Ketchion retells some of his experiences with tiger sharks, great whites and bull sharks, and shares some tips on how to handle sharks when spearfishing.

As you would imagine, interactions with sharks when spearfishing can be an interesting experience, as Trevor explains through his encounters with three very different sharks on one exciting day off the sunshine coast. It’s important that you know what to do when placed in these situations so that you, your dive buddies and the shark can all keep hunting.

Some basic things that we can take away from the tips shared gained through experience from our veteran spearo Trevor are firstly to have a dive buddy with you. This allows you to watch each other’s backs when spearing so you can continue to hunt even in relatively sharkey conditions. Let the shark know that you could be a threat. This means keeping eye contact, staying calm and maybe giving them a solid poke with your spear if they get a little too close for comfort. When diving in dirty water with bull sharks chances are they are going to be a little more boisterous. In this situation, it’s probably best not to stretch your luck too far.

Thanks to Trevor Ketchion for supplying all GoPro footage and for sharing his insight on such a contentious topic, check out his spearfishing page here: https://www.facebook.com/SubmergedPsychos/

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