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Quick and Easy Pleated Face Mask with Nose Bridge and Filter Pocket. Details in Description
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I’ve been making these mask to donate to frontline Healthcare providers and First Responder. These masks do not protect them from covid19 but they’re better than none or having to wear the same soiled mask all week due to the mask shortage.
A filter is highly recommended. If filters are not available, then I would use something breathable like a coffee filter or you can even fold your kitchen napkins and place inside the pocket. Pockets are intended to be hidden and worn against the face. Below are measurements to two different sizes. Medium size are for the average size person and Large are for those big sexy men in uniform. They add great coverage over their surgical mask or n95.

My orders from the frontline staffs and first responders were getting heavy and I needed more manpower. Luckily, I had volunteers to help sew but I couldn’t find a video that showed how I wanted it. It was difficult to explain over the phone. Time is valuable to me right now and I wanted to save some unnecessary steps and speed up the process if we’re gonna have to “mask” produce these. After making so many mask all day everyday, I figured it out and got it down to a science. Don’t forget to watch my latest video on how to make the paper templates. You can also download the printable templates.

This video was intended to show my volunteers but I hope it helps everyone else. For kids, I would do 6.5”x 14” with 5 or 6” elastics (adjust accordingly to your child) Use the medium pleat pattern for this mask but with two pleats instead of three.

Thank you for watching. I hope you all stay safe and healthy.

You will need the following:

8x15” Medium or 9x16” Large 100% Cotton Fabric or (Medium 21cm x 38cm) (Large 23cm x 41cm)
Two 7” Elastics (18cm)
Twist ties or pipe cleaners (approx. 4 in) (10cm)
Paper template
Piece of velcro (keeps the needle always ready to go and reduce the need for overusing the thread)

Paper Template Tutorial (high recommended):

DIY Mask Kits:

To download the free Printable Templates and Instructions click here:

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