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Somebody Else - The 1975
04:22 / 1840032 views / 104087 likes / 0 dislikes / 18.02.2018 / Channel: ConanXCanon

a lil cover of one of my favorite songs by the 1975. i adore them, and their style is so distinct and unique, i knew not to try to replicate it. so, this is my version, a little more somber and not as well played on guitar. also lacks that cigarette grit that our boy matty has long cultivated, hahsjdfkilovehim. i hope you like it anyways~

this song is special to me. i remember listening to it a million times over and over on the bus to and from school. this is one of those songs that no matter who you are and where you are in life, you can't help but think of someone in your past when it plays. awfully bittersweet but i love it.

i'm currently writing from the airport. just landed. gonna be spending some time to clear my head in my hometown (it's much quieter than los angeles).

i'll see you again in a bit~

much love,


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