Speedflying Compilation I Extreme Proximity Flying
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Speedflying Compilation I Extreme Proximity Flying
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Speedflying compilation extreme proximity flying!

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Speed flying is extreme sport using small canopies similar to a paragliders to fly off mountains, usually very close to the ground - and thats called proximity flying or proximity speedfly.

This is speedflying compilation mostly from videos on my YouTube channel and are mostly captured with GoPro 8, Gopro 7 black and GoPro Max…

Speedwings / speedflying wings used in this video: Swing Mirage RS+, Gin Fluid 2, LittleCloud EZ, LittleCloud Babygoose, Swing Mirage.

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Should I do more extreme sports compilation videos?

If you wanna dive into speedflying please first off reach out to your local paragliding school and see how you like flying with beginner paragliding wings. Then you can progress from there… remember speedflying can be very dangerous sport if its approached wrongly. Speedflying accident usually ends up with pretty much deadly outcome…

So always remember to take it easy and progress slowly with speedflying.

Speedflying vs paragliding - https://www.ytapi.com/w/NCQiHH9fpKc&t=24s

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