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Upgrading and shredding a... Ski Bike? (IT'S TOO FAST)
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Ski biking! Wait... ski biking? Yes, ski biking. I majorly upgraded my ski bike and took it to the the same place I first tried the sport... and it was a wild time!

Here's where I got my blue ski bike from: http://bit.ly/TNGNT
Here's where I got my black ski bike from (and he also does rentals and lessons out of Calgary!): https://www.piste-skibikes.com/

Learn more about ski biking and where you can ride them: https://americanskibike.com/
Here's the original TV broadcast: https://www.rightthisminute.com/video/rtmtv-biking-snow-possible?fbclid=IwAR0tgxWCTQxXKtDbgABZ262qkD9q9nFN8gJKcC2M7i4d2-DhWFLya1vx404

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