Learn to Slide Your Longboard
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Learn to Slide Your Longboard
18:00 / 445332 views / 17501 likes / 102 dislikes / 02.09.2020 / Channel: landyachtzlongboards

In this trick tip video Alex Hannigan will teach you everything you need to know to properly slide your longboard! Take a virtual lesson with Alex as he teaches two skaters the basics. You’ll learn proper body position and foot placement to start sliding. Alex will explain how to pre-carve and break down slides like the “push-up” slides, Coleman Slides, heelside and toeside slides, 180 standup slides and check slides. Don’t forget your gloves and helmet! Let us know in the comments what other slides you want Alex to teach you in our next trick tip video.

Boards Used:
Drop Cat 38 - https://landyachtz.com/product/drop-cat-38-seeker/
Totem - https://landyachtz.com/product/totem-paradise/
Cheesegrater 2.0 - https://landyachtz.com/product/cheesegrater-2-0/

Slide Gloves:
0:00 - Intro
1:32 - Push Up Slide
6:26 - Frontside/Heelside Glove Slides/Coleman Slides
9:33 - Stand Up Slides
9:50 - Frontside/Heelside 180 Slide
12:58 - Backside/Toeside 180 Slide
14:21 - Backside/Toeside Check Slide
15:56 - Frontside/Heelside Check Slide

Film: Dave Leslie & Dan Norberg
Edit: Dave Leslie

"Royal Flush" by @gwizmusic

"Finale That Ultimate" by Aspirations Boom Bap


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