The Cinematic Drone Revolution is Here : DJI VS FPV
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The Cinematic Drone Revolution is Here : DJI VS FPV
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FPV shots were Stabilized using Reelsteady Go :
This is not your average drone shots, this is Drone racing cinematic footage or FPV drone.
I asked the french FPV drone Pilot Petit Soldat to recreate the same shot that Cascade de France did with his DJI Phantome 4 Drone.
well ... that was very different.
The revolution is here ! are you ready ?
DJI drones : Easy to learn how to fly but expensive and full of limits.
FPV drones : Hard to learn how to fly, but cheap and 0 limits.
#cinematicdrone #cinematic #FPV #FPVdrone

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The Cinematic Drone Revolution is Here : DJI VS FPV

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