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Duple subdivision metronome at 60 BPM MetronomeBot
Duration: 540 / 6000 views / 26 likes / 2 dislikes / 28.02.2018 / Channel: KyleCoughlinMusic

Visit for many more metronomes that speak, click, and subdivide the beat, as well as helpful tips on how to use a metronome. This metronome subdivides the beat into two equal parts at 60 BPM (60 beats per minute) with a high woodblock sound and a low sound. It is helpful for practicing eighth notes, dotted quarter notes, or any rhythms that subdivide the beat in half.
MetronomeBot is a fun little robot that likes to help you practice. The MusicAllTheTime website includes a well organized section to help you find the exact metronome at the specific tempo that you are looking for. The site also has lots of free sheet music and educational tools for students and musicians of all ages and abilities.

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