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Better Wheelies In 1 Day - How To Wheelie
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With these tips you will be able to improve your Wheelies in one session! My girlfriend April has been riding mountain bikes for the last two years and has been progressing really fast. It seems like ever week she is asking me to help her learn a new skill and so we thought we should share this learning process with you guys and see if we could help some of you master new skills as well!

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Kyle & April

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0:00 Intro
00:28 Overview & Common Mistakes
01:37 Aprils Attempts Before Coaching
02:04 Coaching On Stand - Covering Rear Brake
03:11 Foot Position
04:00 Balance Points / Seat Height
06:37 How To Bail
07:51 Wheelies After Coaching
10:50 Head Position & Where To Look
12:02 Overview

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