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In this ski tutorial, we show you a progression on how to do 11 beginner ski tricks in an easy and fun way. We start out teaching you how to pop on skis and once you got that key skill down that you will need for everything else we look into how to jump on skis or straight air as it’s called. To develop the right timing in the air to learn grabs later on we first learn to do a spreadie. We then continue developing key tricks and skills like how to ski switch which then leads us to do both 180s on skis and switch 180s. Lastly, we teach you how to do basic nose and tail butters plus your first box and grind tricks.

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00:49 Trick 1: How to pop on skis
01:56 Trick 2: How to jump on skis (straight air)
02:53 Trick 3: How to spreadie on skis
03:46 Trick 4: How to ski switch
05:00 Trick 5: How to 180 on skis
07:05 Trick 6: How to nose butter on skis
08:13 Trick 7: How to switch 180 on skis
08:59 Trick 8: How to tail butter on skis
10:25 Trick 9: How to 5050 on a box
11:25 Trick 10: How to box slide to switch on skis
12:42 Trick 11: How to box slide to forwards

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