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Kagura Guide 1 | The Only Combo You Need to Know | Master the Basics | Kagura Gameplay | MLBB
Duration: 1064 / 208520 views / 5960 likes / 148 dislikes / 13.07.2020 / Channel: UC-jlpn4n9ItwAnc3wkAGytQ

This Master The Basics Mobile Legends Guide is about How to Use Kagura and Why You Need to Know the Only Combo for Kagura and How You can improve your game using Kagura. I will also discuss everything you need to know about Lesley and the right and wrong decisions that I made to win the game.

This Kagura Gameplay includes:

Kagura Best Item Build
Kagura Skills
Kagura Tips and Tricks
Kagura Emblem
Kagura Gameplay
Kagura Rotation
Kagura Spell
Kagura Counter
Kagura Combo
Kagura Highlights
Kagura Funnel

Kagura Guide 1 | The Only Combo You Need to Know | Master the Basics | Kagura Gameplay | MLBB

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Master the Basics Mobile Legends
Master the Basics Rotation
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Master the Basics Kagura

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