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This is an interview With Liily. Liily if you're reading this please i'm begging you please the only thing keeping me going is that there is a very small chance you might come across this video and think i'm cool... possibly spare a like or

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Rocky (soundtrack)
Live at Leeds by The Who
Dude Ranch by Blink-182
When It Falls by Zero7

Shot & Edited by: Visual Candy

0:00 - Intro
1:30 - Is this interview a waste of time
2:42 - Meaning behind TV or Not TV
3:30 - Writing process of TV or Not TV
4:49 - The band in a trench coat
5:43 - Brek-Fest
7:03 - What music they listened to growing up
10:40 - Giving gifts
13:13 - Dylan question
14:07 - Maxx question
14:54 - Charlie question
16:15 - Sam question
17:45 - Pet peeves of each other
20:35 - Liily has a message for you

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